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My name is Pierina Sarmartano, founder and CEO of Meraki Linguistic Services. I’m a professional Translator, Editor, and Project Manager. Also, I have completed university training in Human Resources Management. I hold an Advanced Technical Degree in English <> Spanish Translation and took several university courses, webinars, seminars and workshops about Editing and Proofreading of Translations, Spanish Grammar, Subtitling and Dubbing, Project Management and Human Resources Management, in order to improve my skills and being up to date with the latest news in all my work-related fields.

In Meraki Linguistic Services, we rely on a specialized group of professional linguists who work with a wide variety of language combinations, and we have been delivering excellent services to our clients for many years now. We provide services in more than 30 language pairs and in several areas of expertise, like Medical, Technical, Scientific, Touristic, Business, Marketing, Educational, IT, Telecommunications, and Human Resources contents, among others. We work in an organized, responsible, and punctual manner, paying great attention to details, and we treat all your documents with confidentiality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any linguistic needs we can help you with, you won’t regret it! Our aim is to help you open your way into the world through languages. We are a group of professional linguists, language passionate, and always eager to continue learning and knowing new cultures. As we are all native professionals, we are totally aware of the cultural challenges we face when translating content, and we are highly trained to overcome them.



Translation of texts in a wide variety of fields


Revision of translations taking into account both source and target texts


Revision of texts taking into account only the target text


Subtitling of audiovisual material


Transcription of multimedia content


Style and orthotypography editing of all types of texts


Desktop Publishing


Project Management

Human Resources

Human Resources Management for translation agencies

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